Mynewsdesk leadership program

A succesful organisation starts with good leadership.

We know that employee satisfaction is largely dependent on good leadership.

At the People Days, which is Mynewsdesk annual winter conference we let our employees get the opportunity to discuss our leadership.On this basis we have now developed a leadership development program, Academy Leadership, that will be conducted in autumn 2012! :-)

The purpose with Academy Leadership is to provide mynewsdeskers in leadership positions with inspiration, direction and tools to effectively lead themselves and others.

The training should result in highly motivated and skilled leaders according to the Mynewsdesk leadership model. The long term goal is to increase employee satisfaction – that is to make you all even more happy about Mynewsdesk as an employer!

Mynewsdesk leadership model

Develop self awarness

· Be aware of your own personality traits, personal values, and the psychological needs that drive your behavior

· Continuously aks for feedback on your leadership

· Be true to yourself and your own limitations

Personalize your leadership

· See and get to know the individual – have regular one-to-one meetings

· Adapt your leadership for each employee

· Support the employee according to his/her individual abilities

Provide framework

· Be clear with your expectations – set short and long term goals

· Provide continuous feedback on performance and behaviour

· Give responsibility and autonomy within a clear framework.

Show trust

· Foster self leadership by giving own space of action within a clear framework

· Empower the employees by showing trust and believe in them

· Focus and build upon each employees strengths

Inspire and generate energy

· Have a positive attitude and have fun

· Be humane and open up. If you do – others will follow

· Encourage drive and initiative


· Communicate continuously even when there is nothing to communicate

· Repeat messages and make sure that they are understood

· Listen to your employees


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  1. Tina Hellgren says:

    I’m truly looking forward to this! WELL DONE MND PEOPLE!

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